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Chairman of Faculty and Artistic Director Peter Martins

California Workshop

Online Preregistration for CA Workshop Auditions

Students who plan to audition for the California Workshop in one of our seven CA Workshop audition cities are encouraged to preregister on sab.org in advance of their audition.

While preregistration is not required, it is strongly recommended and there are a few benefits for those who do preregister for an CA Workshop audition including:

Discounted Audition Fee
A discounted $30 audition fee that can be paid by credit card as part of the preregistration form. (Note that you can still preregister even if you do not want to pre-pay the audition fee. In order to receive the $30 discount, however, you must pay at the same time you submit the preregistration form.) The audition fee will be $45 when paid on the day of the audition. Please note that pre-paid audition fees are not refundable.

Priority Check-in
Preregistered applicants will be given priority check-in at the audition site over applicants who are applying on site.


Important information to note before proceeding to the preregistration form:

  • Completing a preregistration form does not obligate you to attend the audition. While SAB hopes that all who preregister will be able to audition, we understand that plans may change. You will not be penalized in any future auditions with SAB for not attending an audition for which you preregistered. Please remember, however, that pre-paid audition fees are non-refundable.
  • You may complete only ONE preregistration form per applicant. Please do not attempt to register for auditions in more than one city. If you complete a preregistration form for one city and later decide that you need to audition in a different city, please contact our audition coordinator by sending e-mail to auditions@sab.org. We must manually make the change to our database. Completing a second form will not work.
  • You will need a username or password in order to complete the preregistration form. Those of you who have previously created a username and password on sab.org should use the same information to login and begin the form.  Failure to do so will create a conflict with your existing user account and will affect our ability to distribute your results in a timely fashion.  If this is your first time applying, you must create an sab.org user name and password. The user name and password must correspond with the student's name and e-mail address, even if a parent or guardian is completing the registration form. Parents who are registering for multiple siblings must create separate user name and password accounts for each student. (This requires closing your browser after the completion of one preregistration form and relaunching it to begin a new form for the next sibling.) Not following these steps will compromise your ability to log in to sab.org after the audition to access audition results.
  • If you do not wish to pre-pay the audition fee, select “Pay at the Audition” when you reach the "Payment Part" of the preregistration form. You will still need to compete the "Billing Address" fields but will not be asked to provide credit card information. Your only opportunity to receive the discounted $28 audition fee will be when you complete the preregistration form. If you choose "Pay at Audition" you will owe $40 at the time of the audition.
  • If you are interested in auditioning for the CA Workshop only but do not live close to one of the CA Workshop audition locations, please contact us at auditions@sab.org for additional audition options.

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