Many of the students who train at the School will become professional ballet dancers and some of those will go on to be teachers, artistic directors and choreographers. It is important that both those who pursue careers in dance and those who leave dance possess sound academic educations that will serve them in the future.

SAB classes are in session Monday through Saturday during the Winter Term, which generally follows the calendar of academic schools.

Children's Division

For the benefit of students attending regular academic schools, Girls I and Boys I through B-1 classes are scheduled after school hours.

Fordham University

Intermediate and Advanced Divisions

Upon reaching the high intermediate or advanced level of ballet instruction, many students preparing for professional careers transfer from regular academic school to a source of education offering more flexibility of schedule and concentrated study, such as Professional Children's School or Professional Performing Arts School. (SAB's Advanced Division requires three hours of SAB classes during daytime hours, six days a week, plus rehearsals when necessary for activities such as lecture-demonstrations and Workshop.) Since no single arrangement suits all students' needs equally well, the Director of Student Life works with parents and students to choose the best academic option.

Students who have completed high school and wish to continue their studies may apply to Fordham University, which is located at Lincoln Center. Fordham provides a special program of study that enables dancers to accumulate credits toward a college degree while training or performing.

Academic Scholarships

Selected scholarship students at the high school level receive financial support from SAB to help with the completion of their academic studies.



The residence hall is fully wireless allowing students to connect to the internet on their own personal computers from inside their suites or the common areas.  The fifth floor student lounge is also wireless and equipped with 4 computers with Windows software and internet access.  Students may take full advantage of our "wi fi"areas for homework and research projects. 

The residence hall library provides quiet space for reading and studying and a large dance and performing arts book collection.

Visit the student lounge and library on the residence hall Virtual Tour

Prospective students and parents may send questions pertaining to the School's academic policies and options to the office of Student Life.