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Founded by George Balanchine and Lincoln Kirstein
Chairman of Faculty and Artistic Director Peter Martins



Listed below are the tuition rates and associated fees for the 2014-2015 Winter Term.  Tuition invoices are issued by the Registrar's Office.  Upon enrollment, families are responsible for the full year's tuition and fees as outlined on the tuition invoice.  If a student withdraws during the year, any balance due will still be collected and no refunds of payments to-date will be made.

2014/2015 Tuition Rates

Annual Registration Fee: $75 Full Tuition
Preparatory Levels $2,900
Girls I $2,950
Girls A $3,475
Girls II $3,790
Girls III $4,460
Girls IV $5,720
Girls V $5,860
Intermediate Girls B1 $5,905
Intermediate Girls B2 $5,810**  
Intermediate Men $5,545**
Advanced classes (C1, C2, D, Advanced Men) $5,700**

Professional Rate: $15 per class

Tuition is free in the specially funded Boys Program for all Boys who are enrolled in levels below Intermediate Men; only the Registration Fee is to be paid.

** Plus annual Student Activity Fee of $150