The 1990s

The School opens custom-built headquarters in Lincoln Center’s Samuel B. and David Rose Building in January 1991. The new facilities include a residence hall for 64 year-round students, allowing SAB for the first time in its history to house and care for the majority of its non-local advanced students. Soon after, Peter Martins initiates a tuition-free Boys Program to increase male enrollment in the Children’s Division, leading to the formation of all-boys classes for all levels of male training after the beginning year. Peter Martins’s desire to expose advanced students to the art of dance making results in the creation of an annual student choreography workshop. Additions to the faculty during this period include Peter Boal, Jock Soto, Darci Kistler and Katrina Killian. Lincoln Kirstein dies on January 5, 1996, 62 years after founding SAB.