Audition Pre-registration

Pre-registration is required for all NYC audition dates and optional for National Audition Tour dates.  All applicants are strongly encouraged to pre-register.  The benefits of pre-registration include access to discounted audition fees, expedited audition results, and priority check-in before on-site applicants at the audition.  Those who pre-register but later decide not to attend the audition will not be penalized in any way (but will forfeit any pre-paid audition fees).

National Audition Tour:  The fee is $35 if pre-paid online and $45 if paid at the audition site. 
Auditions at SAB in NYC:   The fee is $45 if pre-paid online and $60 if paid at the audition site.
(Twelve-year-old applicants applying to Summer Course in NYC AND Young Dancer Series add a $5 administrative fee to the fees above)

Note: While it is not required that you pay at the time of registration, it is the only way to receive the discount.  Pre-paid audition fees are not refundable.

Pre-registered applicants will access their audition results weeks before those who do not pre-register.  For more detailed information, view the results notification schedule(s) for Summer Course and the Young Dancer Series.

Important pre-registration information: (READ BEFORE COMPLETING THE FORM)

  • Completing a pre-registration form does not obligate you to attend the audition. While SAB hopes that all who preregister will be able to audition, we understand that plans may change. You will not be penalized in any future auditions with SAB for not attending an audition for which you preregistered. Please remember, however, that pre-paid audition fees are non-refundable.
  • You should complete only ONE pre-registration form even if you want to switch audition locations. Please do not attempt to register for auditions in more than one city. If you complete a pre-registration form for one city and later decide that you need to audition in a different city, please contact our audition coordinator by sending e-mail to  If you wish to switch from an Audition Tour location to an Audition at SAB in New York, you will be responsible for paying the added NYC Audition fee at the time of your audition.
  • You should complete only ONE pre-registration form even if you are applying for more than one program.  Applicants who will be 10 to 12 years old on July 31 will have the opportunity to apply for one or both Young Dancer Series programs.  Similarly, applicants who will be 12 by July 31 will have the opportunity to apply for the Summer Course only, one or both Young Dancer Series programs only, OR the Summer Course AND one or both Young Dancer Series programs. (The last scenario includes an additional $5 administrative fee.)  SAB will confirm the programs to which you are applying when you check in at your audition.  If there is a discrepancy, you will have the chance to make changes at that time.  Please do not contact us before the audition to change the programs to which you are applying.
  • A username and password is needed to complete the preregistration form and is later required to retrieve your audition result.  If you have an account from previous years you should use that information to login. If you are applying for the first time, you must create a username and password.  The user name and password must be associated with the student's name, even if a parent or guardian is completing the registration form. Parents who are registering for multiple siblings must create separate user name and password accounts for each student.  Follow the on-screen instructions after submitting the form to “log out” and return to the application form.
  • Pre-payment of the audition fee is not required. If you do not wish to pre-pay the audition fee, select “Pay at the Audition” when you reach the payment section of the pre-registration form. You will still need to complete the "Billing Address" fields but will not be asked to provide credit card information.  However, do note that if you choose "Pay at Audition" you will owe the non-discounted audition fee at the audition: $45 for National Audition Tour auditions and $60 for Auditions at SAB. (Plus $5 if applying to both Summer Course and Young Dancer Series.)
  • Applicants who will be 12 years old as of July 31, 2018, are eligible to apply for SAB’s Summer Course in NYC and SAB’s Young Dancer Series and should do so using one pre-registration form. You will indicate which programs you are applying to when you fill out the pre-registration form.  Note that a $5 administrative fee will be added to any applicants applying to both the Summer Course and the Young Dancer Series.


Pre-registration Deadlines​​

National Audition Tour
Pre-registration for each National Audition Tour city will close at 3:00 p.m. (Eastern Time) the day before that city's audition date.  If you do not submit the pre-registration form by this deadline, you are still welcome to audition but must fill out an application at the audition site and pay the non-discounted audition fee.

Auditions at SAB in New York City
Since audition space is limited for auditions at SAB in New York, most audition dates fill up well in advance of the date.  Pre-registration will remain open for a particular date until that audition is full or, at the latest, until 3pm the day before that audition.  Applicants interested in auditioning at SAB are encouraged to sign-up as soon as possible to secure an audition spot.  Pre-registration is required for all auditions at SAB.  Walk-ins will not be allowed to audition.

Pre-registration for all auditions is now closed.  



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