SAB's Summer Course curriculum consists of the same varied course offerings as SAB's core Winter Term program. Preparation for a career in classical ballet is the primary focus of summer training.



SAB's technique classes are the primary method by which faculty members communicate the fine points of classicism that are the foundation of Balanchine's aesthetic. Students learn to move with greater musicality, control, precision, speed and expansiveness.




The studio becomes a stage in Variations class as students learn excerpts from classical and contemporary ballets, in separate classes for men and women. Included are variations from George Balanchine's ballets such as Serenade, Who Cares?, Raymonda Variations, Square Dance, Agon, Swan Lake, Apollo, and Stars and Stripes. They are taught by faculty members who draw upon their extensive performance experience in the Balanchine repertoire to present students with the keys for transforming technique into art.


Classes devoted to developing strength en pointe are an important element in the curriculum for girls at all Summer Course levels, in support of Balanchine's goal for dancers to move quickly and effortlessly.





SAB's course in partnering instills a strong sense of balance, musical and physical timing, unity of movement, and eloquence of gesture in male and female students.  All boys and girls Groups IV and up take a weekly Adagio class.




This course acquaints students with the polonaise, mazurka, and other formal and folk dances of the past that appear not only in the classical repertory but also in contemporary works.





Instructors from American Ballroom Theater teach SAB students the waltz, tango, and other social dances used in both classic and contemporary ballets.





Weight Training

Intermediate and Advanced Men take classes for conditioning and strengthening the musculature of the upper body, thereby enhancing partnering skills.





Phoebe Higgins, an SAB alumna and certified Pilates instructor, provides mat classes in the Pilates conditioning method. 






SAB's professional nutritionist Heidi Skolnik conducts seminars on nutrition for optimal performance and is available for individual counseling.




Physical Therapy

A fully-developed physical therapy program is administered by our licensed professionals, who conduct seminars on stretching, strengthening and injury prevention.

Cultural Program

During the Summer Course, every class level will take part in one or more seminars or activities to further broaden students' awareness of the arts.  

Choreography Workshop

During the final weeks of Summer Course, promising young choreographers will create new works using a selection of the most advanced summer students as dancers.  The participating students will perform in a studio showing of the resulting ballets for an invited audience, including the performers' parents.