SAB's Summer Course faculty is comprised of members of SAB's distinguished roster of permanent faculty and special guest teachers.  Most of SAB's Summer Faculty are SAB alumni and former or current members of New York City Ballet. 

2018 Summer Course Faculty

Click on the images below to read a brief faculty bio.  Faculty subject to change. 

Kay Mazzo

Joaquin De Luz

Peter Frame

Arch Higgins

Sterling Hyltin

Katrina Killian

Darci Kistler

Andrei Kramarevsky

Andrea Long

Allen Peiffer

Susan Pilarre

Suki Schorer

Andrew Scordato

Jonathan Stafford

Andrew Veyette

Sheryl Ware

Photos by Rosalie O'Connor, Jesús Vallinas (De Luz), and Paul Kolnik (Hyltin, Veyette)