Summer Course FAQ

Is living in SAB’s residence hall required for Summer Course?

No. A majority of accepted students are offered housing and elect to live in the Residence Hall but it is not required.  Students can simply decline the residence hall invitation at the time of enrollment. SAB does not supervise housing arrangements for students living off-site.

If I’m accepted, may I attend only part of the Summer Course?

SAB generally requires that summer students be enrolled for the entire five weeks.

What is the cost of attending Summer Course?

2019 Summer Tuition is $3,090; Room and Board in SAB’s Residence Hall is $3,270.

Is the meal plan in the SAB Cafeteria available to non-resident students in summer?

Yes. "Day Students" may make a la carte purchases with cash/credit card or purchase a declining-balance meal card to use during the Summer Course.

Is there scholarship or financial aid?

Yes. Scholarships are determined at the time of the audition and are awarded on a case-by-case basis.  There is no separate application for Summer Course scholarships.

How much pointe work is there in the summer?

All girls must be prepared to take pointe classes every day.  Girls assigned to Groups 4 to 7 (approximately ages 15-18) take all ballet classes in pointe shoes. Groups 1 -3 take several pointe classes each week.

How many dance classes are there each day?

Students in all levels take two dance classes each day.  (Ballet Technique, Variations, Pointe, Character or Adagio).  Additional courses, such as Pilates Instruction, Weight Training, and Seminars are also part of the daily schedule.

Is there a student performance at the end of the Summer Course?

Selected advanced students participate in the Summer Choreography Workshop, which provides opportunities for emerging choreographers to create works-in-progress.  A studio showing of the work is presented to an invited audience at the end of the Summer Course, including parents of the student performers. 

I wasn't accepted to the Summer Course last year. Should I audition again?


I've never had "Balanchine training."  Do I have a chance for acceptance to the Summer Course?


I really want to attend SAB's Winte Term.  How will Summer Course help me?


I'm only 12 years old.  How do I know if I am ready for SAB?