US Auditions

SAB visits nearly 20 cities across the US each January to audition students for our summer programs. Auditions are also held at our headquarters in New York City on select dates in January.  Explore the menu items to view National Audition Tour cities/dates/times and New York audition dates/times.  Applicants should choose the date/location that is most convenient. Audition procedures and decisions do not vary by location.


Important Audition Information

  • Pre-registration is required for all NYC audition dates and optional for National Audition Tour dates.  All applicants are strongly encouraged to preregister.  The benefits of pre-registration include access to discounted audition fees, faster check-in at the audition, and expedited audition result notification.  Those who preregister but later decide not to attend the audition will not be penalized in any way (but will forfeit any pre-paid audition fees).
  • 2019 Audition fees are as follows:
    National Audition Tour:  The fee is $35 if pre-paid online and $45 if paid at the audition site.
    Auditions at SAB in NYC:   The fee is $45 if pre-paid online and $60 if paid at the audition site.
    Twelve-year-old applicants applying to Summer Course in NYC AND Young Dancer Series add a $5 administrative fee to the fees above
  • You may preregister for any audition without pre-paying the audition fee.  However, the only way to receive the discounted audition fee is to pay at the time you submit your pre-registration form.  There are no other opportunities to "pre-pay."  Those who do not pre-pay the fee at the time they submit the pre-registration form will need to pay at audition in the form of cash, check or money order.  Credit cards will not be accepted on-site. You will owe the premium rate listed above.
  • Walk-in applicants (who did not pre-register) are welcome at all National Audition Tour cities. Walk-in applicants will not be admitted at our NYC audition dates
  • All Applicants attending an audition at one of the National Audition Tour locations should arrive one hour before their scheduled audition time to check-in and receive their audition number.
  • All applicants must show official proof of birth at the time of the audition. Only a birth certificate, passport, or state-issued ID will be acceptable as proof. Applicants without one of these documents may not be permitted to audition.
  • Recommendation letters, photographs and resumes are not accepted at auditions.
  • Girls ages 11 and older must bring pointe shoes to the audition.  Girls under age 11 should only bring pointe shoes if they have begun studying on pointe.
  • Observation of auditions is not permitted.
  • Generally, students should audition in the age group that is equal to their age at the time of the audition with the following exceptions: Nine-year-olds (who will be 10 by July 31) should audition in the slot designated for 10 year olds at any Young Dancer Series Audition city. Eleven year olds who will be 12 by July 31, 2019, should audition in the slot designated for 11 year olds at Young Dancer Series audition cities and in the slot designated for 12 year olds in all other cities. (Columbus, Indianapolis, Philadelphia, Tampa)
  • Students who will be at least 10 but younger than 12 as of July 31, 2019, may only audition at a designated Young Dancer City or New York date.
  • Eleven year olds who will be 12 by July 31, 2019, and 12 year olds who will still be 12 on July 31, may audition for both Young Dancer Series programs and the five-week Summer Course at any audition tour city or twelve-year-old audition date in New York City.


The School of American Ballet has a nondiscrimination policy with respect to all the rights, privileges, programs and activities generally accorded or made available to students at the School. It does not discriminate on the basis of sex, race, color, sexual orientation, national origin or any other protected characteristic in administration of its education policies, admissions policies, scholarship programs or any other school-administered programs.

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