Young Dancer Series Audition Results

All Young Dancer results will be distributed electronically on a rolling basis according to the results schedules posted below.  Pre-registered applicants will log in to our web site for their results. (Typically within a week and a half of their audition) Applicants who apply by paper at the audition site will receive their results by email within 3 weeks of their audition date. Please reference the result schedules below to view SAB's projected result dates for each audition city.

Note: the result schedules below are applicable to the Young Dancer Series (CA Workshop and New York Junior Session) only. Applicants to the Summer Course should click here for information on results. 

Pre-registered Applicants Results Schedule (Young Dancer Series Only)

Results are accessed online through a link posted under the table below. (This link will appear once the first audition results are available). To login for your result, you will need the username and password you created/used to complete your application. Please refer to the schedule below to see when your result has been posted. The first column (after the city) is SAB’s projected post date and the second column is the actual post date which is filled in once results become available for that particular city/audition date. A date and time will be posted in the last column once the audition results are available for that city/date.  Please do not attempt to login before a date/time is posted in the last column.

The schedule below is for the Young Dancer results only. Please note that audition results are generally distributed in the early evening on the projected date.

Audition City Pre-registered Applicants
Projected Post Date
Pre-registered Applicants
Actual Post Date
Atlanta Jan 29  
Boston Jan 15 Jan 15 - 8PM
Charlotte Jan 29  
Chicago Jan 29  
Dallas Jan 29  
Denver Jan 29  
Irvine Jan 15 Jan 15 - 8PM
Los Angeles Jan 15 Jan 15 - 8PM
Miami Feb 5  
Pittsburgh Jan 29  
San Diego Jan 15 Jan 15 - 8PM
San Francisco Jan 15 Jan 15 - 8PM
Seattle Jan 29  
Washington DC Feb 5  
NYC-Jan 5 Jan 15 Jan 15 - 8PM
NYC-Jan 9 Jan 29  
NYC-Jan 11 Jan 29  
NYC-Jan 16 Jan 29  
NYC-Jan 25 Feb 5  
NYC-Jan 30 Feb 5  

Pre-registered Applicants click here to login for results

On-site Paper Applicants Results Schedule (Young Dancer Series)

If you applied by paper at the audition site, you will receive an email containing your result. The email will come from "The School of American Ballet" with the email address The subject will be "Your Audition Result" or "Your SAB Audition Result." The email will be sent to the primary email address provided on the application. Parents, please note this is often the student's email address.  Please consider all possible email accounts when searching for audition results.  Please also check spam/junk folders before contacting the School.

You can reference the columns in the table below to see when your result has been sent. The column next to the audition city shows SAB’s projected result email date. The next column will show the actual email date once the result has been sent.

Audition City On-site Applicants
Projected Email Date
On-site Applicants
Actual Email Date
Atlanta Feb 9  
Boston Jan 26  
Charlotte Feb 9  
Chicago Feb 9  
Dallas Feb 9  
Denver Feb 9  
Irvine Jan 26  
Los Angeles Jan 26  
Miami Feb 9  
Pittsburgh Feb 9  
San Diego Jan 26  
San Francisco Jan 26  
Seattle Feb 9  
Washington DC Feb 9