Advisory Council

Since 1975, the School of American Ballet’s Advisory Council has promoted awareness of SAB and grown the School’s influence across the nation. Today’s Advisory Council is made up of more than 50 members from throughout New York City as well as 16 states and three countries with a shared passion for dance. Members meet twice a year to help inform the continued growth and future of SAB and provide needed scholarship support for talented young dancers.

2018 Advisory Council; Photo by Erin Baiano

In addition to the lifelong friendships formed in the group, members also benefit from an array of behind-the-scenes experiences to engage more deeply in New York City’s rich cultural opportunities.

Advisory Council Members

Kellie Johnson Abreu, Co-Chair, CA
Stacey C. Morse, Co-Chair, NY
Monica Voldstad, Vice Chair, NY

Nurit Amdur, NY

Lucy Anda, NY

Alexandra N. Ansanelli, NY
Elisabeth M. Armstrong, TX
Nikki Feirt Atkins, NY

Susan J. Campbell, NY

Laura G. Carr, NY

Shannon Caspersen, NY

Anita Conley, TX

Marina de Brantes, France

Lauren Duff, NY

Uzochi Ndukwe
  Erlingsson, MA

Frances D. Fergusson, FL

Maureen Footer, NY

Sheila P. Grant, TX

Karen Groeger, NY

Liz Groeger, CA
Christine Hessler, CA

Karen Holland, NY
Cheryl Huntsman, UT

Mary Ellen Hutton,
  Hong Kong

Linda D. Kofmehl, NY
Nancy Koltes, NY
Nancy N. Lassalle, NY

Barbara W. Lehman, NY
Ellen G. Levine, NJ

Elizabeth D. Leykum, TX

Jonna Mackin, NH

Nancy S. MacMillan, NJ

Charlene Marsh, TX

Lyn M. McHugh, NY

Andrea Mendell, NY

Pam Miles, IL

Susan Frame Millstein, NY

Christine Morenz, TX

Barbara Netter, CT

Susan C. Orb, CA

Alexandra Pruner, TX

Shari H. Quinney, UT
Ann Reinking Talbert, AZ

Caro U. Rock, PA

Eve S. Rounds, MA

Dafna Schmerin, NY

Patricia Selden, NJ

Sally Shreeves, NY
Matilda Stream, LA

Emiko Terasaki, CA

Elizabeth Farran Tozer, NY
Mary Van Pelt, RI

Lisa J. Walsh, NY

Regina A. Weingarten, CA
Felecia Weiss, NY

Sandra Weiss, NY

Advisory Council membership is by invitation only. To inquire about joining the Advisory Council,
contact Kristen McGuire, Manager of Membership, at or 212.769.6614.