Admission for International Students

International students (those outside the continental United States) must audition in person at SAB to be considered for enrollment in the Winter Term. Please contact the recruiting department to schedule an audition appointment.

International students who are unable to travel to New York to audition for the Winter Term may audition instead by DVD or videotape for SAB's 5-week Summer Course. Students may submit a Summer Course application by submitting an online application and link to a video, in lieu of an in-person audition. The video should portray the student in practice clothes (girls in leotard and tights; boys in T-shirt and tights) in an abbreviated class with the full range of barre and center exercises and, for girls, pointe work. It must be accompanied by a résumé including the student's name and address, birthdate, height, weight and ballet background. The application fee for videotaped submissions is $35. Video applications are accepted between November 1 and January 30 for each year's Summer Course, which typically begins in late-June.

Click here for information about applying to SAB's Summer Course by video.