Career Guidance

Most of the students who achieve the highest level of study at SAB go on to professional performing careers. Planning for a professional career, however, begins much earlier.

The School’s artistic staff regularly gives individual career guidance to intermediate and advanced students. The counseling brings into focus the rigors and requirements of dancing professionally and helps each student set realistic goals for the future. Options for the pursuit of higher education are also considered alongside prospects for a professional career, and the artistic staff assists students in evaluating the proper path for each unique individual.

The staff also maintains ongoing relationships with the leaders of national and international companies in order to offer students contact with and background on ballet companies, future professional auditions and summer training programs, which can lead to professional employment. While a small number of students are invited to join the New York City Ballet as apprentices each year, many SAB-trained dancers join other professional companies. Selection of dancers is made solely by the artistic staffs of those companies. The School is not able to promise or guarantee employment. On average, 20 SAB students each year receive contracts with major professional dance companies.