Student Programs

The programs and activities planned for the SAB community are opportunities designed for students to enhance their personal and professional growth. In addition to providing a social construct for the purposes of building community, these programs aim to assist students in the development of essential life skills. Those skills include formulation of personal values and priorities, confidence building and independent living skills.


Educational and Developmental Programming

The “Finding Your Way” seminar series is offered each year to students to make certain they are achieving a well-rounded educational experience while at SAB. Programs are designed and presented to cover a wide range of topics and areas to ensure that SAB students are learning valuable and necessary age-pertinent information. All resident students are required to attend a certain number of programs throughout the year, depending on their residency status. All resident students are required to complete the DANCE programming model, attending a minimum of 6 programs in the following categories: International Education, Diversity, Alcohol & Drug Education, Nutrition & Wellness, Community Service, and Explorations.

The Finding Your Way seminar series is coordinated by the Office of Residence Life, but draws upon the complete resources of the SAB and NYC communities.


Social Activities

From “Fun Friday” nights in the residence hall to outings to Broadway shows and professional dance performances, there’s always something going on at SAB. All members of the Student Life Staff work together to provide opportunities for students to spend social time together in and out of the building. Carefully planned and chaperoned trips around the city afford our students the chance to take part in many of the cultural experiences the city has to offer.

An important thing to be aware of is the annual “Prepaid Activities” list. Each year the Student Life Programming Assistant plans a complement of programs that offers SAB students the opportunity to purchase discounted tickets to group activities. A mailing is sent to students and parents at the start of each year which describes the