Student Wellness

Ballet is an extremely strenuous form of physical activity that should be undertaken only by persons in excellent health. Therefore, it is required that all students have a complete medical checkup at least once a year. Students will not be able to participate in class without submitting proof of annual physical.

The School provides services for students throughout the year to maintain optimum health and overall wellness.


Medical Care

The school nurse has office hours two days per week. Any student, resident or day, may see the nurse during her office hours. The School also has relationships with a number of private doctors of all specialties. All resident students are required to enroll in the school's basic health insurance plan.


Psychological Counseling

SAB is committed to promoting the healthy emotional development of students. The School's staff includes a licensed New York State psychologist who is available to students by appointment. Students seeking additional support in personal development or the opportunity to discuss, in confidence, thoughts and concerns related to school and professional life as well as family and social issues are encouraged to make an appointment with the psychologist.



A certified Pilates instructor is at the School five days per week to teach and supervise the Advanced students in Pilates.


Physical Therapy

A physical therapist is at the School three days per week. The physical therapist will evaluate injuries and teach self-care techniques. The physical therapist may treat an injury only if a student has a doctor's prescription. Additionally, all Intermediate and Advanced students are required to attend a series of physical therapy seminars in the fall.


Nutrition Counseling

The School has a licensed professional who specializes in nutrition for athletes and dancers. All students are invited to make appointments for individual nutrition counseling. Nutrition seminars are also offered regularly.